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So I finally interviewed my genderqueer friend about their body language.
Q: How do you identify, in terms of both gender and sexuality?
A: I identify as a unicorn. Seriously, my gender changes on a daily basis and i like everything from girls to guys to people to potatoes.
Q: Would you say you’re mostly attracted to men, women, non-cis people, or some combination?
A: I’m attracted equally to both, i think. Perhaps I lean a little more towards girls.
Q: You know the difference between male sexual gestures and female, right?
A: Yeah, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing, mostly from experience.
Q: When you’re resting and comfortable, what sort of body language do you use? Just to use as a baseline.
A: When resting and comfortable, I’m generally very open. Pretty much what you’d expect from someone straight, actually.
Q: Is there a typical style of body language that you use to flirt with people? Does this change from day to day, and does it depend on your gender?
A: When it comes to flirting, I’m particularly partial to tilting my head to the side and or down, and popping my hip. When I’m a dude, I keep the head tip thingy, and I lean back a bit more. I’m also a LOT more touchy.
Q: Does your flirting body language change depending on the identity, expression, whatever of the person you’re flirting with?
A: Yes, it does. If I know the person really well and know something will weird them out, i’ll change tactics to something i know they will respond to, e.g. just going for it and making excuses to hold their hand.
Q: Do you ever identify as not male, not female, or a mix of both? Does this change your body language? How so?
A: Yes, there are days when i have no idea what gender I am or why. On those days, I tend to act a lot more nervous, and closed off, even when I’m at ease.
If you guys have any other questions for them, let me know.

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